Everycare West Kent – Testimonials

We are delighted to be able to provide below just some of the messages of thanks from our clients and their families.

“Thank you very much for all the help you have provided for us during the past 4 months. It made a real difference having the same person (Kristina) coming on a regular basis. We could get to know her a little and she knew her way around the house, where to find clothes, breakfast etc.  We particularly appreciated her very practical and down to earth help during his last few days.  As a family we have been very happy with your arrangements and would recommend you to our friends”.

CB: 04/04/2018

“I wanted to say on M’s and my behalf how lovely the carers are. This is M’s first experience of personal care and she has been greatly helped to make her feel good about it all. She has such terrible memories of carers coming in when her husband was very ill that it reminds her of a terrible time. Our lovely carers have taken all that away”.

MG: 23/02/2018

“Thanks for your continued support and hard work”
GA: 22/12/2017

“Thank you for your kind and compassionate care you gave my dad in his last months, both he and we appreciated it very much and it made a difference to us all”
SF: 24/11/2017

“To all the lovely carers who looked after our mother, thank you for the kindness and care you showed during her last months. She was looked after so well by you all”
O.W Family: 20/02/2017

“First Class Service!”
J.C Family: 18/01/2017

“We would like to thank everyone for their compassion and kindness.  The care provided by Everycare was exceptional and their carer’s are amazing”
R.J Family: 11/11/2016

“All of the carers for my husband have been and continue to do a magnificent job; I am so happy that I chose Everycare to work with my husband”
C.H Family: 18/10/2016

“When my husband went in to cardiac arrest at home, Everycare carer’s were quick to act and through their professional training and actions there were able to bring him back and keep him alive while the ambulance was on route, I cannot thank Everycare enough for what they did for me and my family, Thank you”
P.K Family: 17/10/2016

“Thank you for your continued support and help that you provide my son, through what you have done I finally feel like I have my son back!”
A.G Family: 21/08/2016

“My carers have changed my life they have brought happiness and laughter back. They always cheer me up if I am down and they give me something to look forward to ever day”
B.G 16/08/2016

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