Everycare Medway / Swale – Acquired Brain Injuries

Everycare Medway/ Swale have been providing services to clients for the last ten years, with an acquired a brain injury.

During this time we have worked closely with clients to ensure our service is meaningful and worthwhile.

  • Everycare provide packages of support in the community for people in there own homes. The aims of the packages are to increase the individuals skills and confidence and to provide the motivation for them to reach their full potential.
  • Everycare work along side the community brain injury team to support service users to meet their individual goals.
  • Everycare will work with the individuals to develop assess, plan and review their care plans
  • The essence of these packages is to slowly and in a controlled way hand back as much responsibility to the service user and to provide support and reasoning for more complex issues that we all face in our daily lives.
  • Everycare organise a monthly Service Users Group that meet up to share a lunch, meet new friends, share problems and find ways to solve them and generally enjoy meeting different people. All are welcome and transport can be arranged.

Our service is client led and we excel because we continually review and update the delivery of the care provided.




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