Alcohol Management and Home Detox Service – Cardiff and South Wales

Home Detox and alcohol management service

Everycare alcohol management and home detox service in Cardiff and South Wales

Everycare operates a private alcohol management and home detox service with support from specialist doctors and nurses with experience in providing such treatments to patients with alcohol addiction.

The Everycare home alcohol detox service can provide an effective and lasting solution to alcohol issues and is administered by:

  • An initial medical examination and review in our Cardiff based private clinic
  • The administration of appropriate medication in your home to prevent further alcohol use
  • The daily support in the home of an experienced detox nurse
  • Ongoing support throughout your treatment
  • Proven medical treatment that brings results

If you want to change your life or the life of a loved one then please call us today for more information.

The alcohol management and home detox service is also utilised by companies and organisations who wish to positively assist an employee with alcohol dependency issues in order to get them back to work in a timely and safe manner. The benefits to an employer are significant and:

  • Demonstrates that you are a caring employer
  • The cost of treatment is less than 6 months SSP!
  • Should return the employee back to work efficiently
  • Saves cost of recruiting and training a replacement
  • Compensation awards for dismissal less likely
  • Supports current Government “Fit to work” initiatives.