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One in five care homes for older people in England fail to meet set national standards – time to look at home care?

Personal Home Care ServicesOne in five care homes for older people in England fail to meet set national standards for safety and care, a report by 5 live Investigates suggests.

Research by healthcare analysts Laing Buisson examined inspection records for almost 10,000 care homes, and found 20% had failed to meet at least one key quality measure.

5 live found cases of residents washed in cold water or left with scabies.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) called the figures “disappointing”.

In October 2014, the care watchdog – the CQC – introduced a new “tougher” inspection regime for care homes.

Following this, the researchers examined 9,816 inspections available on the CQC website in the first week of January this year.

They found 1,829 care homes were not fully compliant on at least one key measure – for example meaning the home might not be deemed safe, could be poorly managed, deemed not caring enough, or may not be responding to a resident’s needs.

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Care spending ‘cut by fifth in 10 years’

alzheimers and dementia care services eastbourneSpending on care for people aged 65 and over has fallen by a fifth in England over the last 10 years, an analysis by the BBC shows.

The research – based on official data – showed £1,188 was being spent in 2003-4 per person over the age of 65.

By 2013-14 that had fallen to £951 once inflation is taken account – a drop of 20% – prompting experts to warn that vulnerable people were being failed.

Other parts of the UK are also struggling to keep pace with the ageing population.

It comes as the BBC launches its Cost of Care project, which includes an online guide to how care works, and what it costs.

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No interest in care insurance

Leading insurance companies report that there is ‘no interest in care insurance’.

Registered nurse services everycareThere are no plans for any insurance products to help people plan ahead for their care needs in old age, leading companies have told the BBC.

Creating such a market was one of the key aims underpinning the government’s decision to introduce a cap on care costs from next year.

Two years ago Prime Minister David Cameron said he hoped the plans would “open up an enormous market”.

But 17 major companies said there was not enough interest in such policies.

Care experts said the revelation was a blow.

About 60% of people are expected to need care in their old age – with one in 10 facing costs in excess of £100,000.

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Care cost calculator – check out costs in your area!

Care cost calculator

BBCFrom 2016 changes will come into effect that will change the way that care is paid for. If you would like to find out how this might affect you or your loved ones the BBC have produced a useful calculator that will be able to tell you the true likely cost to you of your care.

To calculate the cost of care in any part of the UK visit the BBC care cost calculator here.

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