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Everycare Managing Director visits latest new office in the Wirral

new care office in the Wirral Following the opening of Everycare’s latest regional office, Mary Cottrell the Managing Director of Everycare made a visit to the new premises to welcome the new franchise owner Martin Byrne.

Mary commenting on the opening of the new Wirral office said ” It is so exciting to open a new office, especially when the franchisee is so passionate about ensuring that the care provided is of the very highest quality. We are sure that the Wirral team will be a tremendous addition to the Everycare family”.

The new office is based in Heswall and more information can be found on their Regional Office Home page.

Art and crafts activities at home by Everycare!

arts activities home cae UK At Everycare we take great pride in the level of personal care we provide to our clients, ensuring that they are well supported and that their personal needs are met at all times.

We also look wherever possible to ensure that clients enjoy a variety of activities in their homes and encourage them all to take part in their existing hobbies and discover new ones.

Music and the arts are well loved by many of our clients whether that be listening to music, creating a range of craft items in the home or taking a day out to a concert or art gallery.

If you are looking for the very best care then please do give us a call today.

More male care workers required!

Contact UsMore male care workers are needed to look after older people, the chief executive of Care England has said.

Prof Martin Green told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the government should do more to recruit men into front-line adult social care roles.

He claimed that as an increasing number of men are living longer, more men are needed for their personal care.

The Department of Health said it would always encourage more people of either gender to become carers.

“We have an ageing population and a lot of people who receive care into old age now are men,” said Prof Green.

To read more on this story visit the BBC website.

A care system in crisis

Disabled home care services in BristolThe dignity, health and wellbeing of older people and those with disabilities in England are in danger, health and care groups warn.

In a joint submission to the Treasury ahead of November’s Spending Review, 20 organisations said the care sector was facing a “deepening crisis”.

They have called for funding to councils to be protected, as is happening with the NHS.

Ministers said investment in health would also benefit the care sector.

The government pointed out that plans were being put in place to ensure greater joint working between the two sectors that would relieve some of the pressures.

However, the signatories of the submission, who include leaders of councils, the NHS, care providers and charities, said that they still feared for the future. The document said that the market was “fragile” with councils forced to freeze fees and providers exiting the sector.

Fore more on this story visit the BBC website.