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NHS shortages – why choose live in care?

With the NHS reporting a shortage of beds and staff and with 97% of people preferring to remain at home rather than move into a residential home, live in care is increasingly an affordable option for people. Managers warn 2018-19 will be hard with one in 12 posts vacant and hospitals short of up to 15,000 beds. Read more

Providing one to one care which is flexible and tailored to the individual, live in care can be the perfect solution to people’s care needs.

Everycare Eastbourne have been providing live in care for over 5 years to the people of Eastbourne and the surrounding area. For more details of how the service might benefit you, call in confidence on 01323 430762.

Pharmacists to commence work in care homes

NHS England is planning to fund the recruitment of 240 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to work in care homes to try to cut down on unnecessary medicines taken by the residents.

Care home residents often have one or more long-term health conditions, with some prescribed 10 or more medicines.

Trials have shown that pharmacists reviewing medicines reduced their use and improved patients’ quality of life.

In one trial, an annual drug cost saving of £249 per patient was seen.

That pilot scheme took place in East and North Hertfordshire across 37 care homes.

To read more on this story visit the BBC new website

NHS launch ‘Let’s get you home’ Video

Lets get you home East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust have launched a video about the importance of getting people home from hospital.

Everycare Eastbourne have provided a home from hospital service for the last twenty years and seen the benefits that getting people home and into a familiar environment has on their health and wellbeing. To watch the NHS video please click on the link

For further information on how Everycare can help you please call us on 01323 430762

Staff News

Everycare Eastbourne are pleased to announce that Sam Lee will be returning to work after her maternity on the 5th of February.

Due to family commitments she will not be returning to run the Nursing Department. She will be coming back on a part time basis and will be responsible for staff recruitment and HR.

Further to this, we are delighted to announce that Imogen Edwards will continue in her role as Nursing Manager that she has been doing to provide maternity cover for Sam.

Welcome back Sam and congratulations to Imogen!